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Two Pair

Yesterday I started the day off with a bang by finishing two pairs of socks.

A lovely simple car sock (my favorite pattern is Classic Socks for the Family, but there seems to be a lot of free ones on Rav that have a similar recipe) – that just needed kitchnering and the second just needed a few inches knit and since they are in sport weight.  That bit went quick while I was watching a movie.

This lovely pink yarn was gifted yarn from my friend Beverly.  I called these my sanity socks as I had started them right before a very quick business trip and had to have a simple yet, mindful enough pattern to keep my focus.  The pattern is Upside Down – Ampersand, but the heel is from my favorite toe-up pattern – the Humble Sock goes Toe-Up.

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    1. Bubblesknits 04 January - 2011

      I don’t think I’ve ever done the Ampersand pattern. Off to queue that one. : ) Great way to start off 2011!

    2. Julie 03 January - 2011

      Love that bright pink and purple. Just what you need right now when it’s all grey and dreary. The others are lovely too!