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So I took last week off and decided to do some house upkeep.  One of the things I wanted to do was to re-paint and fix up the front.  Since we got the new white windows I found the beige to be… well… beige.

Here’s the before…


Here’s the after with some lovely red.  I think it looks way more inviting and cheery.


I have to still make a few touch-ups this week, but I’m happy to cross this off the list.

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  • COMMENTS (5)

    1. Julie 08 June - 2011

      It’s definitely very cute, love the red- especially the geraniums!

    2. sara 06 June - 2011

      Looks great!

    3. Alexis 06 June - 2011

      I like it a lot!

    4. Julie 06 June - 2011

      Wow, what a difference! It looks fantastic!

    5. pip 06 June - 2011

      It looks great… i like the matching flowers too 🙂