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Want To Drool?

Check this out! Beth did an amazing job. As you figured, I have added this beauty to my must knit list. The book, Three-Cornered and Long Shawls is available from School House Press and I’m refraining from running out and buying it right now, especially since I already added a couple must have books to my list this month with Knit Pick’s big sale and a few other goodies that I’m sure is going to put me well over budget.

I’ve been washing fleece most of the weekend and cleaning up the studio, since we are planning on finally finishing the basement and my studio space must double for a week or so as extra space for furniture. I couldn’t resist though and had to get my wheel up and spin up a sample. Gorgeous, eh?


I have a three-ply sample also in the works as it struck me as so soft, it would be perfect for “your favorite cozy light sweater on a chilly day.” You know the one I mean, right?

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    1. Rissa 30 July - 2007

      Oh, wow, that is just beautiful spinning!!!