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Water Sign

For Whisker’s on Wednesday I thought I would post a funny picture I got of Madison this week.  She must be a water sign.

Miss Madison gets a drink 8-9-2009 9-29-38 AM

She love’s playing with the RO fountain water that Mike hooked up to the sink.  I turn it on really slowly for her and she proceeds to drink a little and play a little.  Needless to say that window behind her is full of water spots.  I know, I know… I indulge them, but now I feel time is so short that I need to indulge everyone’s little whims -at least for a while anyways.

Jack update: Well last night the vet called thinking he was doing better.  This morning I talked to the vet and he was again not doing well.  We’ll all really befuddled as he just seems to not be recovering even under vet care and with strong antibiotics.  It’s really unsettling.  The vet even contacted a specialist and unfortunately they didn’t have anything to add or any insight into the problem.  So, next step maybe a needle biopsy on some fluid that is building in his tummy and an ultrasound or MRI.  The main problem is he is still not eating on his own.  It almost seems like he can’t swallow or it hurts to swallow, so hopefully we will find out soon what is wrong.  Obviously I’m holding onto a thread of hope right now.

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    2. julie 13 August - 2009

      Aw Jack, c’mon boy, eat up and get well!