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We decided to do it all…

So last week starting on Thursday, the fun began… first up the Madison Quilt show.  This is my second year and it was as awesome as I remember.  More so maybe because now I’m hooked on quilting.  We shopped, we ate well, we looked at quilts, and learned a lot.  Too much stash came home… all in all a good day.

Quilting Loot from the Madison Show
 Friday we went to the NH Sheep and Wool – on the way a couple of quilt shops, we stopped at a lovely cafe, and then wool.  I managed to limit my stash enhancement to only 1 ball of yarn.

Quilting Loot from the Madison Show

Saturday we headed back to Madison, more shopping (good deals), more eating, more learning and more fun was had by all.  Good deals like these 5.5 yard bundles for $29.95.

Quilting Loot from the Madison Show

Here are a few of the quilts that I really loved in the show.  The whole cloth that won Best of Show… this is totally hand quilted.  Awesome in person.

Semi-clean sewing room

And the Viewer’s Choice…the back is hand painted.

Semi-clean sewing roomSemi-clean sewing room

And I loved a few of these art quilts.  This raven was totally hand painted and then quilted to give it texture.  Amazing!

Semi-clean sewing room

Semi-clean sewing room

Semi-clean sewing room

If you want to see more, you can find them here.

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    1. Julie 12 September - 2011

      Sounds like fun and you got some great fabrics too!