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Weaving Day 2

The weaving class continues.  Yesterday I headed back to The Fold and finally got down to the nuts and bolts of the process.

I finally had my first moment of hmmm…. why did I get myself into this again?  You have to thread these eye heddles, which can be a truly tedious process.  Since I had know about this procedure, I chose my project wisely and picked a nice 50 or so strand scarf.  Some of the lady’s threaded all day long.  Whew.

loom threaded 3-12-2009 10-52-24 AM

We beamed the loom.

tied on  3-12-2009 11-20-40 AM

Now the fun begins.  Whoops – you throw the shuttle a few times and then have to create a hem.

started off 3-12-2009 1-00-50 PM

Ok – now the actually weaving portion and let me tell you this is the point where it all becomes worth it.  It’s akin to spinning or knitting where you find a rhythm.  Press the treadles, throw the shuttle, pull the beater, change the treadles, repeat.

woven scarf 3-12-2009 3-16-56 PM

This part seems to fly by and I have about 1/2 hour worth of weaving to go and then it’s a scarf.  So what am I using for the weft you ask?  100% silk from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  Yes, totally lovely.  I can’t wait to get this off the loom tomorrow and do the finishing.

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    1. cyndy 15 March - 2009


      Great to watch your adventures in weaving–it looks like so much fun!

    2. Maryellen 14 March - 2009

      Your selvages look great!