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Welcome Violet!

Welcome Violet!  She’s a 4.5 month old Tortoiseshell Persian.


She’s already taken over the house.  Normally I set up the bathroom for them to acclimate.  Well after dinner she wasn’t having any of that.   She pounded on the door and wanted out now!  She slept right in bed cuddling up to us the very first night.  So she’s sleeping well, eating well, and gotten a clean bill of health from our vet.


All in all – she’s moved in and we all seem to be adjusting well.  Right now she’s on top of the tallest cat tree having a good play.


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    1. Julie 10 October - 2011

      Another cutie!

    2. Debbi 10 October - 2011

      Another rescue? She is pretty – but not as pretty as Daisy. (Don’t tell her I said so)