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When Pig’s Fly

So I had a whirlwind weekend of quilting, stash building, and eating… unfortunately by Monday morning, it was clear I was coming down with a bad cold and it’s pretty awful this time.  Even though I’m clearly feeling under the weather, I still managed to get out and cast my vote.

When Pigs FlyWhen Pigs FlyWhen Pigs Fly

Anyway back to the good weekend.  I went to the Chalet Quilting Retreat, which was 3 days of fun.  I was in the Piggly Wiggly group – (the whole room and our spots were all decked out in pig stuff – here’s a sample – there were several more things that ended up all over the house already) and ended up making 2 table runners.  The pattern is called When Pig’s Fly.  The orange/yellow was hard to photograph well.  I did one in batik’s with a Kaffe Fassett fabric and one with reproduction fabric – Old Savannah.


Then there was a huge stash sale to raise funds for a local quilter with stage 4 cancer.  There were lots of goodies to be had at phenomenal prices and here are the ones I came home with… I particularly love the Japanese kitty fabric.


Then there was a regular garage sale.  I couldn’t pass up these cute rabbits.  Rabbits Prefer Chocolate is the pattern.  It also came with 6 yards of fabric and then she tossed me a huge bag of more fabric.  It was quite a good find.


I also found some kids fabric.  2 yards of 54″ for $7, which will make a good backing for a kids quilt.  We’re talking next year doing quilts for the kids at the local Rescue Mission here and I thought that was too good a deal to pass up.  It would make a nice backing.  I never really get to do kid’s things, so I was keen to sign up, plus it’s for a great cause.


Then there were two stores right in the area.  Oh my… finally I found some Christmas fabric I liked.  I have enough for two table runners and two stockings and will probably have some left over.  They had 20% off and another $10 off if you spent more than $50.  So all in all a great deal there.


The other shop was also awesome and they had this Huntington Hobo made up… so cute and the pattern was already in stash… so I had to get a few fat’s to make a couple and couldn’t resist the pink butterfly fabric.

When I got home… the husband managed to get my new pegboards up.  Finally today I was able to get my rulers and things up.

Sewing Room Organization

I found a link to this pegboard site on a garage guy’s site and they weren’t wrong…this thing is awesome.  Easy to install, no backing to worry about, the pegs are really sturdy, and ready to hang my stuff right away.  Love it!  Only 2 rulers and a few specialty rulers are not on it.  One is a huge 20 x 20.  I have my really nice ruler rack that a friend gave to me.  Her husband made it and it will stay on my table for when I’m using the rulers.

Sewing Room Organization

Then here’s what I decided to do with my mats.  Hang them up.  I contacted Quilter’s Rule and they said it was ok to hang them up… so there we go.

So now I just have to finish quilting the table runners and get them out and start working on the holiday stuff… since those are right around the corner.  Hopefully this cold won’t keep me down long.


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    1. Julie 07 November - 2012

      Sounds like a great weekend. Love how organized you are getting! I had a pegboard wall in Carencro and I sure do miss it.