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So I had grand plans laid out for today that did not happen.  I really didn’t realize I was so tired today until I said I’d take a little nap and that lasted all afternoon.  Whoops.  Well I think it all started last Sunday when I wasn’t feeling great and then Monday and Tuesday I battled allergies and sinus problems.  Finally this past month has been quite busy with all the puppy things going on, so I think I just got whipped.  Oh well, I’m feeling much better tonight and actually think I will be going back to bed at a reasonable hour.

Rockton, IL 8-16-2008 5-10-39 PM

It was however a waste of a beautiful Saturday.

Danish Tie Shawl re-do 8-15-2008 9-59-47 PM

And I am making progress on re-knitting my Danish Tie-Shawl  I’ve opted for a slightly different color scheme this time.  I don’t think I’ll be using all the yarn that I spun though as my gauge is heavier and I’m now using a much larger needle.

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    1. Julie 17 August - 2008

      I still just love your tie shawl colors. I’m so glad it’s on the mend!