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Whiskers on Wednesday

Going to do a round-up of cuties today (meaning picture heavy).

Shadow in the toy basket.  Normally he throws out more toys before he gets in.

Shadow in the toy basket 6-16-2009 6-33-24 AM

Sunshine hiding under a blanket on some chairs I cover.

Sunshine Hiding 6-6-2009 7-28-55 AMEasier to wash the covers than the chairs.  My cats have pretty much the run of the house.  I don’t let them back into my crafty rooms on their own, but if I’m back there sitting and someone wants to come sit that’s ok.  No rooting around, but sitting is fine.

DSC05279Honey just enjoying a sunny day and a relaxing.

Emma pretending to sleep 6-9-2009 8-18-51 PMEmma covered by the blankie.

First strawberries of the season 6-11-2009 6-31-31 PMLast, but not least Jack and Charlie smelling some fresh strawberries from the garden.

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  • COMMENTS (2)

    1. Bubblesknits 19 June - 2009

      Great pictures!!! Love the kitties cuddling in the blankets. 🙂

    2. julie 17 June - 2009

      Awww, that is the cutest picture of Sunshine ever!