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Yummy Roving

My friend Dawn and I went out to The Fold recently and this yummy ball of 85% BFL x 15% Tussah silk roving followed me home.  I was very conservative and just got 12 ounces, but of course when I got home and started spinning it, I thought dang I really should’ve gotten the rest of the bag.  I was thinking a large shawl or two small ones would be gorgeous in this color.

85% BFL x 15% Tussah Silk

Spinning Lace

Spinning Lace

This is just a dream to spin.  I’m getting about 30wpi per inch.

Still working on a few other rovings as well… dragonfly is on my Roadbug and get’s a spin once in a while.

Spinning Dragon Fly

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    1. Julie 02 March - 2012

      Beautiful! Can’t wait to see those plied!